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I am a grief counselor, writer, consultant, teacher, and public speaker

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Headshot of Robert Zucker

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I have the lived and learned experience to help on every step of your journey

There are three specialty areas that define my work-   grief trainings, seminars and keynotes; grief consulting; and grief counseling and support.

If you are seeking a grief-related training, I’ve been a seminar leader for over twenty-five years and I love teaching.  I recently developed a specialized seminar for financial advisors, estate planners and others whose clients may be grieving. I’ve led hundreds of day-long and multi-day seminars geared to social workers, psychologists, doctors, chaplains, teachers, and other human service professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in the area of grief support. And I give keynote presentations for businesses and professional organizations seeking inspiration and hope.

If you are seeking a grief-related consultation, I enjoy consulting to businesses, legal firms, schools, hospices and hospitals. I love to problem-solve with my clients by offering my expertise in the area of grief and grief support so they can make the right decisions for themselves and their clients, patients, and students.

If you are looking for a grief counselor, I work remotely from my office in Holyoke, Massachusetts with adults, teens and families. I also enjoy leading bereavement groups and writing workshops. I’ve been a grief counselor for thirty-years working in hospitals, hospices, schools, and in my private practice.

To learn more, please see my individual services.  You can also contact me directly.  I’d be happy to hear from you.

Bereavement Services

Education & training for professionals, individual counseling, speaking engagements

About twenty-five years ago, I began offering seminars to a broad range of professionals. My particular approach to bereavement education incorporates music, poetry, and storytelling – some of the things I love the most. I often play my cornet and sing at my seminars. Several thousand professionals have heard my talks or attended my retreats and workshops, including grief counselors, therapists, social workers, clergy, chaplains, psychologists, doctors, and, most recently, financial advisors.

Bereavement Seminar for Professionals

When Your Client Is Grieving: How to be Compassionate, Confident, and Steady While Stepping Into the Storm of Grief

Grief Consulting

I’ve worked as a grief consultant for over thirty years and helped small businesses, hospices, hospitals and schools heal when grief has hit them hard.

Grief Counseling

Has your loss been life-changing – perhaps deeply disorienting? Are friends and family expecting you to get over it, but you simply can’t?

Robert Zucker's book, The Journey through grief and loss

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Comfort, Support, Reassurance

When adults face a significant loss, they must grapple with their own profound grief, and they are often called upon to nurture and support their grieving children. This is the first book to address this very common dual grieving challenge. As a practicing psychotherapist for twenty-nine years, Robert Zucker can offer parents and other concerned readers important insights into managing their own grief while supporting their grieving children.

For the countless parents who have tried blocking out their own grief in order to be available to their child, Robert Zucker provides a measure of comfort. This book will reassure readers that a grieving parent can still be an effective parent.

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