When Your Client Is Grieving:

How to be Compassionate, Confident, and Steady While Stepping Into the Storm of Grief

A seminar for financial advisors, estate planners, lawyers, and insurance agents

The effort you make now to understand and support your grieving clients will increase their loyalty to your firm for years to come. Whether they’re new widows or widowers, grieving the death of a parent, or they are bereaved parents themselves, the grief process causes profound suffering and, for a time, challenges your client’s short-term memory, their ability to focus and make decisions, their sleep patterns and their appetites – all at a time when their financial futures have been disrupted.

The Bottom Line:
Attending this seminar will help your business.

Your commitment to learning more about grief will affirm to your grieving client the following:

Skills You Will Come Away With

  • You will have a better understanding of Early Grief, The Second Storm and The Search for Meaning
  • You will learn deep listening skills
  • You will understand personality styles that contribute to how we grieve
  • You will learn to practice empathic listening, non-judgment, unconditionality, and a feeling-focused communication style
  • You will learn to anticipate and understand certain more complicated grief reactions, and how you can be of assistance with clients facing complications

Essential Information You Will Take With You:

  • Templates for condolence letters for specific categories of losses

  • A strategy for making effective Condolence Phone Calls

  • Anticipating difficult scenarios when visiting bereaved clients in their homes

  • How to successfully stage the first post-death, face-to-face business meeting with your grieving client

  • Strategies for anticipating unanticipated encounters with your grieving client

  • Do’s and Don’ts for meetings with your grieving clients

  • Confidence in knowing you are prepared to help your clients during the hardest times will ever face

Seminar Details

The following syllabus can be presented in one six-hour seminar or in two three- hour segments on two separate days. I am also happy to design a personalized presentation to meet your particular concerns.

Part One

Part Two