Grief Consulting

Expert Consulting for Workplace Grief and Loss

As a grief consultant for over thirty years I've helped small businesses, hospices, hospitals and schools heal when grief has hit them hard.

Right now many of your employees are shaken to the core by losses large and small. Of course we grieve when serious illness or death touches our lives, but also at times like these, as we face global insecurity and fear. Without your careful attention to grief at your workplace, morale is likely to become seriously compromised resulting in potentially painful financial fallout.

During these extraordinary times more employees are working remotely. Others have been furloughed or laid-off. Essential service employees, while grateful for keeping their jobs, are worrying about becoming ill themselves and/or spreading Covid-19 to their loved ones. Employees who are working remotely are often simultaneously caring for children who are out of school. Those remaining in the workplace are overwhelmed by new responsibilities beyond their job descriptions and they may resent colleagues able to work remotely – even if they’re self-quarantined due to compromised medical conditions or are recovering from the virus. Whenever the fabric of a workplace is torn apart, fear increases and morale suffers. Managers face all the same stressors as employees, with the added dimension of having to juggle heightened financial concerns, changing county, state and federal regulations and requirements, frequent CDC alerts, and so much more. And all this while squelching rumors and putting out endless fires.

I can help.  I’ve worked as a grief consultant for over thirty years and helped small businesses,  hospices, hospitals and schools heal when grief has hit them hard. I’m the author of Grieving The Death of A Co-Worker, Facing the Workplace After a Loved One’s Death, and Grief At Work: New Challenges and New Opportunities. I would be happy to talk with you about   what challenges you at work.