Grief Counseling

Supportive Counseling for  Grief and Loss

With over three decades of experience,
I will walk you through the nuances of loss

Has your loss been life-changing – perhaps deeply disorienting? Are friends and family expecting you to get over it, but you simply can’t?

I have been a grief counselor for over 30 years, and I’ve worked with all sorts of loss issues. I work with adults as well as teens and older children. Parents and grandparents have found my book, The Journey Through Grief and Loss: Helping Yourself and Your Child When Grief Is Shared (St. Martin’s Press) to be helpful as they learn to help themselves and their grieving children of all ages understand death and learn to grieve well.

Grief is a response to all sorts of shattered hopes, dreams, and expectations, so your grief may or may not be in response to a death. For instance, you may be having a tough time facing some upheaval in the world, or maybe you’re experiencing a life-changing or life-threatening illness. Perhaps you are coming to terms with a challenging life transition. While grief can be crazy-making and terribly painful, I know that with grace and in time, you can discover safe, effective ways of moving through your grief, and that you will learn to live well again.

Instead of working with insurance companies, I have an entirely self-pay practice with a sliding scale fee. My clients pay according to what they can afford. Nobody is turned away.
My office is in Holyoke, Massachusetts. I work remotely or in my office. Let’s talk.