"You can teach your child … that despite deep loss, life can and does go on and hope can be restored."


“ I love to both listen to Rob Zucker’s insightful lectures and read his thoughtfully researched materials. By his lucid and sensitive presentations, he brings solace and understanding to grieving hearts and inquiring minds.”  Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, D.H.L., D.D., Author of more than 25 books, including: Living When A Loved One Has Died


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Here is a schedule of Rob's Upcoming Public Appearances


Day-long Presenter

Central Ohio Conference on Grief
Columbus, Ohio
April 19, 2012– Evening Presentation for Community
April 20, 2012 – Day-long program for Professionals


Day-long Presenter

Skiff Hospice Annual Bereavement Conference
Newton, Iowa
May 4, 2012


Keynote Presenter and Workshop leader

National Alliance for Grieving Children Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida
June 21-23, 2012



rob zucker speaking.jpg"We all know that the most effective teaching comes in the personal stories of loss we hear and Rob’s use of case studies and anecdote grounded his theoretical material out artfully.  The stories were not just recited, but were open to exploration with the group, for questions and comments.  They were not just stories about clients; they were also accounts of his own learnings, of his own steps to understanding.  He didn’t provide conclusions to the stories but appropriately folded in the spiritual nature of the work by saying several times that we could wonder together about how things happen and what to do about them.
He began the day by reading a poem that moved the room into a heart space and had us reflect on it as awareness of our own self-care.  I appreciated that he started with it rather than waiting until the end of the day to add the perfunctory P.S. about self-care when you are doing this delicate and rugged work.  We also re-entered the seminar after lunch with another poem, which served once again to bring us into relationship with our hearts and a deeper context for the afternoon’s work.  The theme of self-care was woven throughout the day in other ways too, including stories by participants and Rob’s opening directions about how to take care of ourselves during the seminar."
- Kim Mooney, Coordinator of Community Education and Bereavement at Hospice of Boulder County

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“I’ve spoken to the planning committee again and they shared that your evaluations were fantastic! Congratulations again on a fabulous conference presentation. You’ve raised the bar for the next one!” Shirley Otis-Green, ACSW, LCSW

Clinical Program Manager Psychoeducational Support City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute

(Regarding Oncology Social Workers Association of Southern California Annual Two-day Intensive in Palm Springs, California)

“Members of each of our five school crisis teams you trained told me they were very pleased and impressed with the way you balanced information and the feelings and thoughts that arose during the workshop.” - Janice Doppler, Ed.D., Health Education Coordinator, Hampshire Regional School District

“Mr. Zucker’s energy is lovely - accepting, non-judgmental and compassionate. His timing is excellent - a total joy.” - Roberta Sachs, Psychologist

“Mr. Zucker embodies what he teaches - his manner - his respect and compassion for people in the process of bereavement, his humor and honesty - as well as his wealth of knowledge- are inspiring examples for us all.” - Bernadene Schlien, Psychologist

“I have heard Mr. Zucker before and I will sign up for his workshops anytime. Thoroughly professional, respectful, dynamic.” - Celia Ryan, Social Worker

“Rob Zucker is a knowledgeable professional who is able to tackle an extremely tough topic with respect and dignity.” - Michele Reddington, Health Education Teacher, Converse Middle School, Palmer, Massachusetts

“I’ve attended many grief seminars-  this was the best and gave me information I can use.”  -  Grace C., Social Worker

“Thought Rob’s use of story was particularly powerful and effective in relating concepts.”- Douglas V., Clergy

“An extremely effective workshop for educators who seek to improve upon their ability to offer timely and effective crisis response and grief counseling to their students and staff.” - Jennifer Parker, School Adjustment Counselor, Chestnut Hill Community School, Belchertown, Massachusetts

“This workshop was a tremendous eye-opener in dealing with grief in school. Rob also gave excellent information on school crisis teams and handling difficult situations. I highly recommend his workshops to any personnel dealing with grief and trauma.”

- Meg Sanford, Placement Specialist, Career TEC, Chicopee, Massachusetts

“Rob’s workshop has helped me evaluate my own role as a school psychologist and member of a crisis management team. It will be beneficial in helping me improve my ability to help others.” - Teresa W. DuVernay, School Psychologist, Belchertown Elementary School, Massachusetts

“How wonderful to have an instructor who continues to be extremely excited by his work!” Lena J., Social Worker


Graduate Psychology Students respond to Zucker’s course: Introduction to Death, Dying and Bereavement:

“This is an incredibly valuable course and extremely well constructed and presented.”

“This class was presented in the most conducive manner of any class I have taken here.”

“Fantastic outline - really helped - multi modalities increased my learning. Thank you for sharing your experience with us”

“Terrific course. Should be required!”

“Amazing human being - a gift to be taught by him - A blessing for those suffering loss!”

“I cannot wait to apply what I have learned from Rob Zucker. Excellent teacher.”